High quality and reliability

About us

Our company, ITC, has been in existence since 1989. We are a professional export company in the sewing industry. We specialize in sewn products which we make as a subcontractor in accordance with our clients’ wishes and we have been working with well-known companies throughout Europe. We have extensive experience in international cooperation.

We work on orders globally - beginning with designs, through production, up to delivery of the final product to the consumer. We have a staff of 170 qualified and experienced personnel and a large machinery room. These resources guarantee on-time and professional completion of the most difficult orders.

Because of short deadlines and high precision and repeatability of serial production, we established a solid foundation with our clients, a position of a reliable and expert subcontractor. Quality of our products was confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification.

We are proud that our company is identified with high quality, team spirit and reliability.